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Florence Arizona
Office Phone: 520-868-4770

Welcome to the Florence Gardens Mobile Home Association's monthly newsletter.

The purpose of the news letter is to keep our members informed of happenings in Florence Gardens and the surrounding areas. This WEB page was developed so that our association members may be kept informed while they are away from Florence Gardens. You will find in the news letter Board Meeting minutes, committee reports, member comments, list of activities and activities schedules. Material for printing may be submitted to the Editor.

There are two versions of the news letter, one called The Garden Talk and the other The Garden Whispers. The Garden Talk is printed during the Winter months and The whispers during the Summer.

Welcome to non-Florence Gardens residents who might read this news letter. Florence Gardens is a 55+ community located in Florence Arizona. We are a community of 800 homes and growing. Our winter population is about 1500, summer about 350.


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